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​​Jayhawk Collectibles and Estate Services specializes in sale and appraisal of the rare, the scarce, and the unusual in Art and collectibles. We are very experienced experts in estate sales. From stamp appraisals to art appraisals, we are available to perform both formal and informal appraisals of rare items and to offer personal consulation to both buyers and sellers alike. 

We are available to appraise, buy, accept on consignment and sell both individual items and also complete collections. We built our business on our vast International experience, our contacts and valuable marketplace relationships second to none. We are generally considered to be able to offer a different, viable more entrepreneurial and faster alternative to the more traditional sales venues available. We'll provide the expertise that you need today!

Onsite appraisals are available for private or corporate (trust companies, attorneys, insurance companies, etc.) clients.  These would most likely be useful for those requiring the entire contents (or particular collections or items of interest) of a household to be evaluated for estate, legal or insurance purposes. We also specialize in the disposal of personal property for banks and trusts, including the purchase and disposal of estates or the total clean-out of personal property from houses. 

Consultation Appraisals - many times, situations arise where a beneficiary has inherited an estate and needs to dispose of the household personal property but has no idea of the value and either does not want or need a written appraisal. Increasingly, we are also asked to view items online in real-time via Skype or other means. For this purpose we have developed the consultation appraisal and the real-time video appraisal, where an appraiser will visit the premises or view items online with beneficiaries and perform a verbal appraisal on the household contents.  Additionally,  in many cases,  we can provide the client with names of legitimate buyers for the contents, based upon the items and their appraised value. This is an excellent way for a client to collect necessary information while paying a minimum fee.

Estate Appraisals - are appraisals often required by banks, trust companies or attorneys following a death.  Ascertaining the value of general household items, art, jewelry and collectibles is the most usual aspect of this type of appraisal.  

Legal Appraisals - most often used to help settle disputes, such as divorce proceedings.  Again, valuation of general household items as well as antiques and collectibles is oftentimes necessary. 

Insurance Appraisals - useful in situations where a client may be attempting to ascertain values before insuring an item or after an item has been damaged and  a claim has been filed.