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Local Silver Buying

Here at Jayhawk Collectibles we take silver buying serious. We have been named as the Best Silver Buyer of Topeka by Best Of. If it is made of sliver we buy it. We have been known to beat the offers from some of the nations largest dealers, like the Silver Queen and Cash 4 Gold. In fact we have been known to offer double for silver then these two dealers. We hold a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureua with ZERO complaints. We have bought 100 ozt silver bars from North Dakota and Silver Coin Collections from as far away as New Jersey. Why do people send their silver items 1500 miles in some cases to Topeka Kansas? Because we just pay more. In some cases we can we pay more then silver spot price.

What do we buy?

Scrap Silver Jewelry

Designer Silver Jewelry (Tiffany's and Cartier... ect)

Silver Dollars

90 Percent Silver Coins

40 Percent Silver Coins

Generic Silver Bullion ( Bars and Rounds)      

US Silver Eagles 

Canadian Silver Maple Leafs 

Forgeign Silver Coins from all over the world. 

Silver Contacts 

Silver Film

Silver Flatware Sets

Nusmatic Silver Coins

And much much more. 

Time to Sell 

Why sell silver? You may ask, the answer is simple. What most poeple do not realize is that silver historically trades between $6 to $9 dollars an ounce. Silver and gold only makes hugh up swings every 30 years. This run up finished in 2011 at $50 dollar a troy ounce for silver and todays spot price is below $16. Poeple tell me all the time that silver is poised to make a run to $75 and I do agree but I agree that will happen in some 25 to 27 years. Of course we are in the minority when it comes to this way of tinking. I just want my customers to have a chance to make extra money on their silver now then have to sell it off in a few years for less money.