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Tell Us About Your Coins and Currency


We Buy Coins 

We are the only A+ rated Coin Dealer in the area and we buy all types of coins. It doesn't matter if it is a penny collection or a rare Bust Dollar, we want it. We are happy to give you a cash offer for your coin or currency collection or we are happy to consign it as well. Cash settlements are nice, but we have found that clients receive more money and they know they got the best possible price by doing a consignment. We will run the consignment through out estate services. This elemenates sellers remourse. We utalize over a dozen local, regional and national auction houses. We have collectors and dealers we sell to all over the nation and the world.  

Old coins is a passion of ours. We love old US coins the older the better and they don't all have to be gold or silver coins neither. We buy lots of early US large cents, 1/2 cents, 2 and 3 cents and nickels.

We utilize two different trade desks to move our 90% junk silver coins. There is never an amount too large to bring to us. This goes for gold and platinum coins as well. We are also happy to use our trade desk to buy whatever your heart and wallet desires. 100 ounces silver bars, a 1 Kilo Gold bar or just a brand new 2015 Silver Eagle. We will just take a small brokerage fee and that is that. 

Currency, oh how I love thee. Especially old US currency. Large Notes, Blanket Note; you know the ones that look like funny money. We love these notes.  We charish old gold and silver certificates. So bring them in.  We will buy foreign notes but please understand most foreign money are worthless, but not all. There is some very valuable foreign notes so I'd like to see them all.

Small List of What We Buy

Large Cents 

Flying Eagle Cents

Indian Head Pennies

All Nickels Pre 1945

All Half Dollars 1970 and Before 

All Quarters 1964 and Before

All Silver Dollars

Any Coin before 1900 

Gold Coins 

Silver Coins

Ship Wreck Coins

Ancient Coins

Canadian Coins 

Rare Notes

Blanket Notes 

Confederate Notes

‚ÄčAnd much much more