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Estate Services

We are the only A+ rated Estate Service provider in the area.  We provide custom estate services. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to the business. Some clients just want to sell a few items and some want to sell it all. We specialize in knowing how to get the most out of each item or quickly liquidating the items for an estate or living estate. We are a one stop shop. Since we do all of the major collection items on a day to day business. The client does not need to take coins or baseball card or jewelry all over the place. We have diamond brokers, dealers, collectors and trade desks all over the world along with over a dozen auction houses and local auctions to move your items. We can do traditional Estate Sales and Estate Auctions as well.

Estate Sales

We can do the typical Estate Sale for our client if need be. We would recommend some items be sold away from that setting. Items like coins and jewelry. My goal is for pickers to not like my sales. I make sure my client gets the money out of each item that they deserve. We provide a free consultation, We do the set up and tear down of the sale. We promote it online and in the paper. Our sales have been known to cause traffic jams due to its high volume of customers. We can even arrange the sale of the house if need be. 

Estate Auctions

Sold! Sold! Sold! There is nothing more exciting then an auction. Some of my clients perfer a traditional estate auction to any other approach. We once again use online sources and news paper to drive large number of people to the auction. We can sell Sports Cards, cars, boats and even the kitchen sink. There is not a project we can not handle.