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​​​Local Gold Buying

As the only A+ rated gold buyer in the area we take pride in what we can do for our clients. We have partnerships with serveral refineraries and trade desks to bring you world class prices for your items. We have consistantly beat the competition. When it comes to selling your gold we truely do feel that there is no place better than Jayhawk Collectibles. We have been buying gold since 2010 under the name of Cash 4 gold and Silver. Back in 2012 Google ranked us among one of the top 3 gold and silver buyers in the nation.  

What Gold are we Buying? 

Scrap Gold Jewelry 

Designer Gold Jewelry 

Gold Coins

Dental Gold

Gold eScrap

Gold Fill 

Gold Eagles

Raw Gold 

Gold Bullion (Rounds and Bars)

Bottom line is, if it is made of Gold we will buy it.