Sell Your Vintage Sports Cards

Jayhawk Collectibles buys hundreds of vintage baseball card, and other various sports card, collections each year. Every week we are contacted by dozens of people who ask us, "How do I sell my baseball cards?" We will be glad to help you "part the fog" and better understand your options when addressing the daunting task of how to sell baseball cards.

A few Quick Facts on Where and How to Sell Baseball Cards:

The first step in selling us your baseball card collection is to complete our simple form.

All inquiries are answered within one business day. Please give us a general idea of how many baseball cards you have and from what years. We check our e-mails throughout the day and will answer you back within a few hours. We will then send you more detailed information on how we buy baseball cards and what we pay.

Once we get an idea as to what type of cards you are looking to sell, we can send you some helpful information on how the process works and what we pay. Even when you call our office to sell your baseball cards, please fill out the form as the first step.  Member of our buying team will be glad to speak to you on the phone, and answer any questions that you may have concerning our buying process.

Most people who are trying to sell their baseball cards are shocked to learn that most cards issued after 1980 have no real resale value.

You can count on Jayhawk Collectibles to offer you our best price upfront when we bid on your sports card collection. We will do everything that we can to eliminate the hassles, confusion and stress of selling a baseball card collection.  We make our top offer from the start, so that everyone knows they are getting our best price.

Another way to get the best price possible from collection is putting it through our estate services. This is where we sell your vintage sports cards for you through any one of our many resources. We have a very large following of collectors from around the world, specialty auction houses and dealers from around the world as well that buy from us. So why not allow us just to sell our collection for you. This way we just take a small brokerage fee and you net a lot more money.   

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